Are you ready to take your cake business to the next level?

I have put together this Business and Marketing forms pack for Cake Businesses that will save you hours and hours of work. And you can get it here for FREE!!

I know what it is like to have a business that you are passionate about, to work each day for yourself and I know just how rewarding that is. I also know how many cake decorators I have seen try and fail, not because they didn’t have the creative eye, or finely honed decorating skills.

I also know how hard it is and how long it took me to figure out all the nitty gritty details that you need to know to run a successful AND profitable cake business so that you actually have the time and resources to do the part of the business that you love. The making and creating!

This Business and Marketing forms pack  will save you hours and hours of work.

It contains

  • Style and Pricing guide - this is the first thing your potential customers should receive. It weeds out the pretend buys from the serious buyers which means you save hours of your valuable time and ensures that by the time customers sit down with you...they know exactly what they want.
  • FAQS and Flavour guide - Every business needs a FAQs so that customers can get the low down up front INSTEAD of wasting your time in annoying emails and admin.
  • Client Contracts - Make sure you don't have any grey areas here or you could potentially be losing profits
  • A Client Welcome Email template
  • Marketing Schedule template
  • Sample Terms and Conditions
  • Cake Serving Chart and Cutting Guide

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